About us

IMPERIAL Banking Group, provide entire range of banking services with decades of experience in investment management, venture capital, investing and business. We act with integrity, with the highest standards that are expected of venture capital managers and perhaps most importantly, with complete independence.


Our Group actively supports successful entrepreneurship and create appropriate conditions and business environment for SMEs and development of governmental economics, to meet the challenges of the modern "knowledge economy" and to realize its full potential. Today in the EU, it is a widely recognized fact that SMEs play an important role in employment, increasing competitiveness and economic development. Because we service Intergovernmental Organization for Economic Development - O.I.D.E., where, by our presence and presence of our asset capital we help generally to take steps in detecting high economy potential through a series of initiatives. In rapidly changing and persistently uncertain economic conditions, ensuring the consistency of financial initiatives is the main task of our Group and, is subject to a special policy to economies in transition.


We have experience in investments, knowledge in the correct placement of funds, capital market all around the world and strong asset capital-Gold! We are able to correctly split or place investments and funds with profitability and interest with the purpose of the development of the economy, banking sector, trade services, construction industry and other economic sectors having strong base on our large gold reserves.


IMPERIAL Banking Group Board of Directors are responsible and well educated to organize group members to be coordinated and work as one unit. Group is created / Registered to do the business in different countries (including the United Nations arena, OIDE organization) under the Activity Code 6499 that is describing activities as - other financial activities, except insurance and pension funds. IMPERIAL Banking Group also operates as Clearing House and is active in project funding worldwide by underwriting the assets (gold and diamonds) issuing the instruments for various investment purposes (MTN/Bonds). This mean following, through the authority granted by its policy and UNCITRAL Rules, IMPERIAL Banking Group underwrites gold assets and issues Bonds for private investment purposes based on its own collateral (Gold), as well based on client’s collateral assets, creates the funding needed to achieve the goals of our client base. IMPERIAL Banking Group works and acts as an Asset Manager to control the activities necessary to accomplish the needs of our clients in all areas of finance. With strong oversight of various agencies worldwide, we maintain an excellent fiduciary position for our clients while satisfying the required regulatory rules. To date IMPERIAL Banking Group has a reputation of a strong moral business model that is welcome by the financial community worldwide.



We deal with:

  • ensuring proper governance at the investee company
  • monitoring the roll out of the business in comparison to the business plan
  • assessing manageable and general risks
  • supporting the flow of information from the investee company to the Bank
  • ensure, where possible, the investee company compliance with all issues pertaining to the environment
  • ensuring that the investee company has done all possible with regards to employee safety
  • identifying any areas where the Investee company may need support that the Bank or any of our wide contacts may provide
  • planning for the exit of the Bank from the investment

Reliable Partner

We are the most reliable partner for the bank development, and we are convicted that our capital assets portfolio will present a good brand on the market. We are strong and dynamic partner, which can strengthen its balance sheet in the short term and provide it with stability and direction. Given our resources, and expertise, in banking and in emerging markets, and the vision we have for the Banking Group, its staff and its customers, we are qualified long-term partners in banking industry.


What Our Team Offers

We are a serious Banking Group with extensive experience in banking structures, clearing, insurance services, banking system, online banking, lending in various programs and forms, acting as a lender and guarantor. We have a large platform for potential investors with the goal of high annual profit.


We generate our “deal flow”, simultaneously proceeding of the necessitate screening of investment enquiries. This screening represents the part of the process we refer to as Initial Evaluation, a first screening of both the Investee Company and the Ownership/Management Team behind it – a full Know Your Customer accompanies with a “Does it Fit” test.


Our Group submits Investment Reports which contain a Section that refers to risks pertaining to the Transaction specifically, or the nature of the investee company’s business, which may through the expertise of the Bank management and its advisory team, be successfully mitigated or reduced. Due diligence will be contracted to third party firms. For example, if the investee company is a firm engaged in export that is requiring funding for the development of its business in emerging markets, the Bank may access its vast expertise and contact base to consider the purchase of export insurance.


Our bank structure actively involved in the management of the Bank is persons that are professionals and people with the years’ experience in the banking, legal and security sector:
Dr Marcus Kaiser (USA)
Prof. Dr Z.V.M. Esteves (BRA)
Gerald Dittrich MBA (D)
Alimzhan A. Zainaudinov (Kz)
Academic Gregory Kinteraya (RU)
Dr Almira Bektesevic (ME)
MBA-George Greco (CH)
Don Francesco Maria Mariano, Duke of Otranto, (IT)
Deborah Lee Connelly (USA)
Maria Kesova – MBA (GR)
Chavot Dupine Etienne – MBA (F)
Maria Spataro (IT)
Klara Markovitz (USA), and the others.


Customer Focus

Our clients satisfied with our strive to understand our customers' opportunities, needs, best market liquidity, the most adequate product range and the highest level of expertise to help them reach their objectives. We also hold a long-term orientation toward close and lasting client relationships through international network and local presence.


Presence in the market

In addition to asset management and private banking, the objective of the Bank  would also be to „have a presence in the market“ – if we are to develop business lines such as trade finance, syndicated loans, risk management, IPOs and so on, it follows we should have a presence in the marketplace where this business is ongoing. Clearly, by presence we do not mean merely a physical presence, but an operational one, with those professionals hired as our own origination develops.
Lending into Brazil, Africa, ex-Soviet Union Republics and some Eastern European markets is a business the group is already active in for a number of years; after all, a good lender is the at the heart of being a good banker.  Our lending policies are conservative, and we only engage with entrepreneurs and management teams with a strong track record, combined with an asset Loan to Value (gold) which does provide the necessary cushion in the event of downward movement in asset values. We do believe that one of the main, albeit not the only, causes of the 2008-2012 financial crisis lies in the fact that mainstream banks were lending on assets at Loan-To-Values of as much as 100 to 120percent. Removing the entrepreneur’s equity from a secured asset was, clearly a practice driven by excess liquidity more than sound banking management and the consequences are there to see.