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The IMPERIAL Banking Group has developed a range of different accounts specifically designed to assist VIP Clients, various States Institutes, monetary authorities and international Corporations in the management of their assets, funds, worth papers, precious stones, foreign exchange and gold reserves. The accounts are: Deposit account (asset deposit and time deposit), Current account, Saving account, Corporate account, etc...

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The majority of people who open an offshore bank account fall into one of the three following general categories:

  1. High Net Worth Individuals - these are people with a disposable income in excess of one million US dollars.
  2. Expatriates - these are people who are located overseas away from their home country either on an employment assignment or in retirement.
  3. Business Owners - generally these are individuals who own companies whose shares are owned by family members or a close working partnership.

According to statistics the majority of individual offshore banking clients come from Europe, Australia and North America, but more recently larger numbers of Eastern European, African, Indian and Asian individuals have found that offshore banking structures suit their own personal requirements.
The ‘type’ of person who falls into the above three categories range from those with inherited wealth to those who have earned it by themselves and they all utilize offshore banking for the following benefits: taxation planning, estate planning, pre-immigration or repatriation planning, privacy and asset protection.



There are far more corporate clients with offshore banking needs than individual clients. They fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Multi-national corporations.
  2. Large industrial and trading companies.
  3. Shipping companies.
  4. Financial services and banking institutions.

The benefits of offshore banking for such companies are diverse and range from the fact that a large number of companies actually outsource parts of their operations overseas and require accounts in these countries to the fact that many offshore jurisdictions have tax free zones through which companies can operate all or part of their operations tax effectively.