Executive Board

Executive Board Members


Dr Esteves Z.M.
President / CEO


Dr Patrick M. Jouvam (KIOSJ)
Vice President / Board member
Trading Desk Manager

Dr A. Imeri
Vice President
Board member
Special Project Manager

Corina Arcabi, MBA
Vice President
Board member
Credit Department Manager


Dr A. G. Kinteraya
Director, Manager 
Special Legal Advisor & Technical Support / Project funding 


Philippe Soulié MBA
Hedge Fund Manager
 Board member 

 MBA Sertan Oztan                                      Don Francesco Maria Mariano, 
  Manager                                                     Duke of Otranto 
Project Investments dpt.                             Vice President, First Secretary of the CEO



Dr Anna P. Kesidou
 European Front desk Manager, Board member

Monzardo Roberto
Vice President
Board member
Trading Desk Deputy Manager

Samuel L. Johnson
Managing Director / Legal Department
International Legal Office

David Kreger
Vice President
Board member
Director / Manager, RF 


Marcus Kaiser
Security Database Manager

John Woods
Board member
Trading Department Manager

Meral Guy Jacques
Security Adviser of CEO office


Chavot-Dupin Etienne
Compliance Department

Mustia Andrey
Logistic / Manager, Vice President

Mustafa Mohamed Mustafa Ahmed Mustafa
Middle East and North Africa
Deputy Manager


Dr Maria P. Kesova 
Client Relationship Manager
Board member 

Alimzhan Zainaudinov  
Middle Asia Project Investment


Yemialyanau Pavel
Director, Special Project Investment / 
Vice President  


Our Executive Board is composed from professionals with decades of experience in investment management, venture capital - specifically investment into SME’s business and government projects. We act with integrity and highest standards that are expected from venture capital managers and perhaps, most important with complete independence.