Project financing


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Project financing and direct investments

Imperial Banking Group acquire a direct investments in water, oil and gold products by suggesting and offering investing in the development of the natural spring resources and gold resources and joint ventures with the goverments and their institutions and companies. When in full production, Imperial Banking Group will reduce its exposure to the capital and operating risks by disposal of these investments when appropriate while retaining a continuous investment through retention of royalty interests.

How do we do it

We deal with Joint Venture and Equity Investors, Hard Money Lenders, Merchant and Investment Bankers who can quickly fund multi-million dollar income producing projects with no upfront due diligence fees such as:

• Resorts • Hotels
• Subdivision Developments • Refineries
• Drilling Operations • Ore Mines
• Mills • Wind Farms
• Ethanol Plants • Bio Fuels Projects

And creative projects as well!

Believe it or not, these types of deals are remarkably easy to fund because the income producing projects provided, of course, a thorough and detailed business plan is presented. Once we have received this package and the team assigned to coordinate your funding has properly vetted your project, we will begin to prepare appropriate instrument to back up your project needs.

Typically, we deliver comprehensive financing proposals in as little as 10 business days. Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions outlaid in the proposal, you will be put in direct communication with the responsible officer. Equity and/or Debt Financing options include Non-Repay, Non-Recourse and Non Pre-pay fees for receiving the instruments which are going to back up your projects.


Funding Minimums - €1 Million in the EU / €5 Million outside the EU

  • Business Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Proforma (if applicable)
  • Balance Sheet (if applicable)
  • Resumes of Principals
  • Resume of Developer and List of Projects Completed (if applicable)
  • Appraisal Report (if applicable/ must be performed by an MAI Certified appraiser or equivalent)
  • Feasibility Study (if applicable)
  • Breakdown of Funds already invested in the project
  • Detail Use of Funds and
  • Comprehensive Exit Strategy
  • Relevant Intake Form (Provided upon request)


Please note that...

Providing funding sources have certain administrative costs required you to cover them prior to proceed in any project funding. That administrative fees are non-refundable and are used for preparing your financial engineering. Account activation deposit upon account opening, serving to activate rights to use our facilities and cover administration fees for the services related to credit line / funds implementation. Depending on the facility you select, these costs can be for environmental studies, appraisals, engineering and/or feasibility reports as well as legal, underwriting and/or commitment fees.

Of course, if more than one phase is involved we will need a breakdown for each particular phase.

We can secure funding the projects anywhere around the world as long as the country is not presently involved in a civil war or is not under the UN sanctions and investment restrictions.