Multiply your Assets and Profit

Security with Gold assets

In light of recent world events in the financial markets, there could not be a more secured asset to support a Bond issue than the commodity of Gold. Our Bonds issue have the underlying security of Gold Assets. In today’s markets, there could be no better choice than our Bonds issue.


TS Imperial can open and connect you to bullion vault account. To be bad used our website is fairly minimalistic, as it should be. You are identified by your account number, and authorisation takes the form of a single password. To have an account at TS Imperial Banking you need to send simple request by e-mail to our Client Services Department ([email protected],) or to register on following link , and our Compliance and Legal Department will take care about rest.

By opening account at our institution you will also have opportunity to have bullion vault account, purchase real gold by attractive discount prices and keep same gold at your own vault. After you receive all details about account and your first logging in, you can view your balance and account history (you get one gram of gold free to your account). and after you got the access to your account you just change your personal details. That's all;

After that you start to play on the gold market by your self or our traders can do that for you, where you will just watch your account and see how your profit is growing.